Whether you're looking to enhance your return on cash or protect against rising rates, PIMCO can provide guidance, tools and resources to help you succeed.

Explore PIMCO’s Short-Term Strategies
PIMCO Short-Term Fund

Overall Morningstar Rating™
Among 106 ultrashort bond funds
Based on risk-adjusted returns as of 3/31/15
Our flagship short-term strategy, offering greater income potential than cash with modest additional risk
PIMCO Low Duration Fund

Overall Morningstar Rating™
Among 449 short-term bond funds
Based on risk-adjusted returns as of 3/31/15
Limiting interest rate risk with broad market exposure and attractive return potential
(MINT) PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active Exchange-Traded Fund

Actively managed for liquidity, risk management and more attractive returns than cash
(LDUR) PIMCO Low Duration Active Exchange-Traded Fund
Not yet rated

A diversified portfolio of high-quality bonds that aims to limit interest rate exposure while maximizing returns.
PIMCO Short Asset Investment Fund
Not yet rated

PIMCO’s most conservative approach to current income and daily liquidity
Expert Insight

Answers to your questions about current market conditions and how to create a cash strategy.

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Why are money market rates so low and when are they expected to rise?

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What are some alternatives to cash or money markets?

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Money Market Reform: Reflections on this Critical Inflection Point for Cash Liquidity Investing
Jerome Schneider discusses how the SEC’s new money market rules will alter the cash management landscape for institutional and retail investors.
Short-Duration Strategies Reference Guide
A detailed side-by-side comparison of PIMCO’s short-duration strategies.
MINT Brochure
A client-approved brochure explaining how (MINT) PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity ETF takes an active approach to enhanced cash management.
PIMCO Low Duration Active ETF (LDUR): Actively Managed to Maximize Return Potential and Minimize Interest Rate Risk